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Breakaway - Music Review by Moviehattan

Akshay and RDB have proved in the past with Singh Is Kinng (Singh Is Kinng), Om Mangalam (Kambakht Ishq) and Paisa Paisa (De Dana Dan) that they are a super-hit team together when it comes to churning out hit singles. During Singh Is Kinng, Akshay had roped in Snoop Dogg which gave the some international mileage and brought in the trend of getting Hollywood singers to do Chiggy Wiggy like Kylie Minogue did with him in Blue. That's the reason why SRK followed Akshay's strategy and brought in Akon to sing Chammak Challo for his Ra One. However, Tata Young was the first who had Dhoom'ed for YRF but the original song was a bigger hit and it overshadowed Young's version, yet the craze to bring in International celebs caught on with Singh Is Kinng and now many star producers from Bollywood are looking to join hands with international celebs. Coming on to Breakaway (Speedy Singhs) soundtrack featuring RDB, Ludacris, Jassi Sidhu, Veronica, Rishi Rich, Sandeep Chowta and Drake you expect a typical bhangra album. So what’s in store let’s check it out!!

A rather romantic beginning to the album with Ne Aaja Ve crooned by Veronica has the hallmark stamp of Rishi Rich who earlier rocked Bollywood with U'n'I (Hum Tum) and Dil Mera (Kyaa Kool Hai Hum). While Veronica hums the English lyrics, the Punjabi flavour is introduced by H-Dhami. The song has good pace and you can hear it peacefully or even shake a leg if you want. A thumping song which will surely sweep you off the floor. Thumbs Up!!

Shera Di Khom or Shera Di Kaum is actually the correct synonym of Singh Is Kinng and while in 2008 you had Car Speakers blasting the title tracks both Mika and RDB version, 2011 you will hear Shera Di Kaum in every other car up in North of India. The presence of international star Ludacris takes this song up for an international success as well. The craze of the song has spread like wild fire with the music video release featuring Akshay Kumar, RDB, Ludacris and the SS cast. Another great song from the Akshay-RDB Team, it won't be long when you may find this team come again to thump with the sequel of Singh Is Kinng which is being scripted. An International blockbuster, two thumbs up.

The next song is also a racey RDB number called Sansar. It has an amazing rap by J-hind and a typical bhangra feel to it. The hip hop mixed with Bhangra spells magic for this number just like it did for the previous number. The song is too short for your liking, yet this number packs in enough punch to make a mark in short span of time. Another winner.

After a hat-trick of super-hit Bhangra Hip Hop songs comes an unadulterated 100% bhangra number Veer Da Viha derived from the Internation Hit "Veerji Vehon Chaleya" from his album Aawan Ni Aawan. This Breakaway (Speedy Singhs) version is sung by Jassi Sidhu as well and with a little twist of lyrics to get the song as per the situation of the movie, comes another great song from the singer. This song's composition is similar to the original and leaves the same impact, hence those who haven't heard the original will also be clean bowled.

An exciting end to the album comes with the traditional Punjabi song Rail Guddi with modified lyrics. The beats here are subdued a little bit to be called as a bhangra blaster yet it does the needful, i.e. make you form a train chain on the dance floor.

Breakaway (Speedy Singhs) is definitely an international album which will get a strong foot hold in India as well. The music springs up a surprise as it is not totally bhangra, it has an adequate quantity of Hip Hop and Rap to make its commercially viable both in International and National Markets.

Breakaway (Speedy Singhs) is only for those who love speedy, dancing bhangra tracks with a punch of hip-hop. If you are one of those who love mushy romantic numbers, this may sound as noise to you, so beware, although you may like Ne Aaja Ve.

Highly Recommended for Bhangra and Hip-Hop Lovers!

Rating - 4.5 / 5 Stars

Gurpreet Bhuller, Moviehattan Team

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