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Breakaway Music Review By Bollywood Hungama

Music Review of Breakaway (Speedy Singhs)

It's time to revisit the funky sound of Singh Is King that had rocked the nation a few years ago with Akshay Kumar pairing up with Snoop Dogg. This time around it is Ludacris who pairs up with Akshay and the results are sensational all over again with 'Shera Di Kaum' turning out to be highly addictive track. With emphasis yet again on Punjabis ruling the world and being brave heart, 'Shera Di Kaum' has Ludacris, Manjit Rai, Nav Sembhi, Sarb Sembhi and Nindy Kaur jamming it up big time to come up with a track that has in it to become increasingly popular over weeks to come. What also makes this Ludacris and RDB written number special is the fact that it has an impressive music video to boast of as well.

Veronica Mehta has child like naughty vocals that border on sensuality and she brings them to full use once again with 'Ne Aaja Veh' which is a fun romantic number that is also composed by her. With H. Dhami joining her in this highly rhythmic number that again has a Punjabi base to it while carrying enough potential to find an entry into the DJ's playlists at the discotheques, 'Ne Aaja Veh' which is co-written by Rishi Rich and Veronica Mehta is another sure-fire chartbuster in the making. In fact by this time one starts wondering (in a positive way) about the new approach that Sandeep Chowta has managed for his sound. Next to come is RDB written 'Sansar' which has a sound similar to the one they had created in the title track of Aloo Chaat.

This highly energetic number brings on the kind of pace and rhythm that has an infectious appeal to it. Also, RDB, J-Hind, Kat Eyez and Smooth do well as singers in this track which is a mix of Punjabi pop and rap with a club sound making sure that 'Sansar' manages to make an impact when it plays during the film's background. It may not work as a standalone track that you hum along but has in it to entice you into shaking a leg or two. The 'instrumental' version that follows is just the right bonus one would have wanted out of 'Sansar'. Sandeep Chowta makes it four in a row with Jassi Sidhu doubling up as a singer and lyricist for 'Veer Ji Viyohn'. This one is the least adulterated number of all when it comes to bringing on a 'desi' Punjabi flavour to the proceedings.

A celebration number which has a traditional appeal to it and is set during a wedding in progress, 'Veer Ji Viyohn' has Kale Wala Sangha and Ajay Virmani joining as co-lyricists. Expect the song to find a much bigger presence up North during wedding season. Meet Bros. Anjjan are roped in to compose a special title track for the film and they don't disappoint. Even as Kumaar injects Speedy Singh into the lyrics of 'Asi Chaddi Wale Yaar', you know that this is yet another fun number in the making. 'We are brothers from different mothers' forms the punch-line of this pacy, young and energetic number that goes with the spirit of the film. Meet Bros. and Josh render this number in accordance to the Punjabi mood and setting of the film and ensure that it would accentuate the euphoric mood of the film, especially if it's 'remix version' plays as a part of the background score.

Jassi Sidhu returns to the scene with the eternal celebration number 'Rail Gaddie'. Written by Palvinder Dhami and Rishi Rich, this one picks up from traditional Punjabi music and follows a sound similar to that of 'Veer Ji Viyohn'. Meanwhile Sandeep Chowta peppers this track with elaborate arrangements that give it a more contemporary sound that would go well with youngsters and adults alike.  


Music of Breakaway (Speedy Singhs) throws a pleasant surprise because it has arrived out of nowhere and ended up promising 3-4 songs that have in them to enjoy a sustained audience for themselves. While 'Shera Di Khom' is the pick of the lot and is a chartbuster in the making, 'Ne Aaja Veh' is a romantic track with a difference. As for the fun element, there are 'Asi Chaddi Wale Yaar' and 'Sansar' that ensure momentum for Breakaway (Speedy Singhs). Sandeep Chowta along with guest composers Meet Bros. Anjjan come up with compositions that should work not just in India but also find a crossover audience in countries like Canada, UK, USA where there is huge market for such Punjabi music which isn't limited to a film's theatrical run.  


'Shera Di Khom', 'Ne Aaja Veh', 'Asi Chaddi Wale Yaar', 'Sansar

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