Tuesday, 9 August 2011

‘Breakaway’ leather jacket can now be yours now!

The interest surrounding ‘Breakaway’ is gaining in momentum as the release date i.e. 9 September, 2011 draws nearer and the latest excitement revolves around the ‘Breakaway’ jacket that can now be purchased by all.

The Breakaway jacket that is featured in the movie possesses a sophisticated look about itself and is priced at $500. The jacket, made from 100% Italian leather, is uniquely designed with a patch displaying the Indian and Canadian flags to be shaped as hockey sticks with a puck in the centre and it captures the theme of the movie to perfection.

The Breakaway jacket is already creating waves on the online media and one wouldn’t be surprised if they saw the audience wear the jacket as they watch the movie first-day, first-show.  


  1. i want it in india....how shall i order one??

  2. When & where can I order one from i???

  3. where can i get it from?

  4. you can purchase the jackets at certain ROOTS stores in Canada as far as i know.