Monday, 8 August 2011

Akshay Kumar tweets for a National Hockey Day in India

That Akshay Kumar is dedicated to his work and what he believes in is a fact confirmed long ago, and his recent tweet asking for a National Hockey Day in India only adds on to this fact. Akshay Kumar who shall come out with his debut production, the Indo-Canadian movie ‘Breakaway’ next month on 30th September, 2011, tweeted on a fact he discovered from having spent a lot of time in Canada and the tweet read something like this – ‘Canada has given me something very interesting to think about. If Canadians can celebrate Hockey Day, why can't we Indians support our own national sport and initiate something similar? What are your views?’

The tweet instantly became a rage online and was also picked by major news agencies such as the Press Trust of India (PTI) as well as other online portals. The tweet demonstrated how Akshay Kumar is concerned about the waning importance of the national sport of India, hockey, and with ‘Breakaway’ too being a  cultural-sports drama that revolves around how a young Indian wants to establish himself as an ice-hockey player, Akshay’s anxiety to celebrate our own national sport goes to show that he is ready to go all out to promote the sport.

Khiladi Kumar has quite a lot of achievements to his name already and his latest tweet might soon just create a revolution within the sport industry in the nation.

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