Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Breakaway to follow your Dreams…

We all have a dream and a passion that grows in us since childhood. Some get to follow their dreams and some dreams are held back due to some external forces. Breakaway is a film which goes around a boy (Rajveer) who too has a dream which transforms into his ultimate passion.  It is shot in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada, portraying the Indo-Canadian culture of a Sikh family.  Rajveer wants to pursue playing as a professional Ice Hockey player and on the other hand, his father wants him to devote his life for the family business.

Unable to get a strong hold on the game, Rajveer decides to form an all Indian hockey team to win the main Championship game. Considering this plan, he needed to have a sponsor and a coach. With his charm and convincing abilities he gets all of his plans on track. In this whole story he meets this pretty girl, who apparently is the coach’s sister and the movie gets the essence of romance.  It is a movie with drama, romance, laughter, color and obviously the cross culture flavor of India and Canada. It’s all about Team Sport… ;) 

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