Monday, 18 July 2011

Breakaway... Culture...Sport & Music!!

The Indo-Canadian culture is existing in Canada for over 100 years. The major inhibitants are Sikhs from Punjab. The Sikh immigrants have faced wide spread identity issues. They even face issues of the locals fearing them to empower more jobs than them which would in return threaten their jobs. There are Indians from all the parts of the world residing in Canada, like Indians from US, Caribbean, Uk, Africa,Middle East, Oceania, etc.

Breakaway is a movie made on similar grounds, which portrays the life of a Sikh family with traditional values and wanting their children to propagate the same culture. It will give you the essence of two extremely distinct cultures with great drama and character quotient. It has a never tried before, Ice Hockey theme with great music composed by Sandeep Chowta and songs by Ludacris & Drake. Akshay Kumar is doing a cameo in the film, as this movie being produced under his production house, Hari Om Productions.

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  1. An important subject. Traditions are important part of life. When adults force tradition, children tend to be repelled. When tradition empowers youth, encourages their life journey, it transcends time. The challenge is to educate the community we are in to embrace our traditions as enriching them, and there lives. It brings us together with strength, unity and a celebrations of our cultures while keeping their individual integrity.